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Northwest Treasure Hunter's Gem & Mineral Guide, 6th Edition

Northwest Treasure Hunter's Gem & Mineral Guide, 6th Edition

Where & How to Dig, Pan and Mine Your Own Gems & Minerals

Kathy J. Rygle & Stephen F. Pedersen
Preface by Antoinette Matlins, PG, FGA

6 x 9, 200 pp, Includes maps, b/w photos, illus. and index, Quality PB Original , 978-0-9904152-8-2

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Updated 6th edition with new sites & museums!
Learn Where & How to Dig, Pan and Mine Your Own Gems & Minerals


Alaska • Idaho • Iowa • Minnesota • Montana • Nebraska
North Dakota • Oregon • South Dakota • Washington • Wyoming

Whether you’re digging for the first time or are an experienced rockhound or “prospector,” with a simple rock hammer and a little luck, you too can strike it rich ... or at the very least, have fun trying.

This guide offers you easy-to-use information on the ins and outs of “fee dig” mining, complete with locations, costs, tips on technique, entertaining legends and important information on everything from safety kits to the location of the nearest restrooms.

 Included are resources for use in identifying your finds, exploring the lapidary arts, and further pursuing an exciting—and possibly profitable—hobby.

Equipment and Clothing: What you need and where to find it (or how to make it yourself).

Mining Techniques: Step-by-step instructions on panning for gold, sluicing for gems and other methods.

Gem and Mineral Sites: Directions and maps, hours, fees and equipment needed. Also includes info on guide services, local camping facilities and more.

Museums and Mine Tours: Where to visit commercial and historical mines, as well as museums with exhibits of gems and minerals (for help in learning what to look for).

Special Events and Tourist Information: Listings of regional events involving gems and minerals, and sources of general travel and tourism information for every state.

Other Features: Where to find your birthstone, your anniversary stone or your zodiac stone; Index by State; Index by Gem/Mineral; U.S. State Gems & Minerals Chart; and more!

The Treasure Hunter’s Gem & Mineral Guides to the U.S.A. in 4 regional volumes:

Northeast ISBN: 978-0-9970145-0-1

Northwest ISBN: 978-0-9904152-8-2

Southeast ISBN: 978-0-9970145-1-8

Southwest ISBN: 978-0-9904152-9-9


Kathy J. Rygle & Stephen F. Pedersen combine their scientific training with a hobbyist’s passion. Lifelong rockhounds, both authors have shared this hobby—begun with their parents—with their children, and have traveled to many “fee dig” sites, museums and mine tours across the United States.

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