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Pearl Book: The Definitive Buying Guide, 3rd Edition

The Pearl Book, 3rd Edition

The Definitive Buying Guide—How to Select, Buy, Care for & Enjoy Pearls

Antoinette L. Matlins, P.G.

6 x 9, 232 pp, 16 pages in beautiful full color & over 250 color & b/w illus.; index, Quality Paperback , 978-0-943763-35-4

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Everything you need to buy beautiful pearls with confidence.
With today’s finest cultured pearls rivaling diamond, ruby, emerald and sapphire in terms of popularity, rarity and price, more and more people are searching for a reliable source of information to guide them in the fascinating and complex world of pearls—natural, cultured and imitation.
This revised and updated third edition is a comprehensive, authoritative guide that tells readers everything they need to know about pearls to fully understand and appreciate them, and avoid any unexpected—and costly—disappointments, now and in future generations.
Special Feature: Exclusive interviews with the world’s leading authorities on pearls, who offer "insider" insights and advice.
Selected Contents
• Updated retail price guides
• New types of pearls now on the market
• Important up-to-date resource information, including pearl glossary, size charts, sample lab reports and more
• New pearl producing locales, their products and what these new choices have to offer
• The rich history and romance surrounding pearls
• The five factors that determine a pearl’s value
• How to distinguish the differences between natural, cultured and imitation pearls
• How to judge pearl quality, including tips on how to see differences with the naked eye
• How to wear and care for pearls
• Magnificent pearl creations from the world’s leading jewelers
• What to look for, and what to look out for: How to spot fakes
• Treatments: Good and bad

"Simply the best. The most practical, interesting and useful book about pearls for the student, collector, consumer and professional alike."
John R. Latendresse, CEO, American Pearl Company
"Especially special—sparkling advice for consumers."
—Librarians Collection Letter

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